We are always ready,
always accountable, always helpful no matter what the circumstance, no matter whether you are a client or not.

Service Standards

We pride ourselves on our dedication to service and customer care. We work by the four principles’ that say:

  • Respect is earned.
  • Honesty is appreciated.
  • Trust is gained.
  • Loyalty is returned.

Using our knowledge, expertise and experience alongside an intimate understanding of the industries we operate in, we search for cost effective insurance cover.  We search for the right product(s) that suit the requirements of a given industry and sector.

We know that excellent service not only means a happy customer, it means that the customer is likely to return.

Knowing that the client is key to our future success we provide a friendly, ethical and professional service in all dealings with our customers and aim to exceed their expectations relating to product choice and service.

That being said, we also recognise that our people are not only the voices of the company; they are the people on the end of the phone committed to delivering excellent service one phone call at a time.   

Customer Centricity

We work by the rule that honesty and integrity are the most important assets in any business. That’s why here at Moorhouse Group we want to make our customer experience an enjoyable one.

We will provide information free from jargon

Whether you’re purchasing a policy or facing a claim, fair treatment of customers is central to our culture.

Through using clear language that is free from jargon, we make it easier for customers to make informed decisions and understand what’s happening with their policy, from purchase, renewal and claims

We will always strive for customer satisfaction

We understand that not every business is the same and therefore made a decision early on to treat all of our customers as individuals. It’s this objective that keeps us striving forward to ensure that we give our customers the best possible service.

We will simplify process

Many of our competitors have complicated processes that make it harder for customers to contact them, update their information or simply make an enquiry. We believe in keeping it simple.

Our process will be as streamlined as possible to give you the best customer journey.

Claims Charter

We understand that if you are in the unfortunate position that you need to make a claim you need understanding, support and an insurer ready to help.

We will always provide reasonable claim outcomes

We will do everything in our power to ensure that your claim is settled swiftly and with the best possible outcome.

We will make sure that every decision taken is an informed one and that no facts have been misrepresented. We will ensure that in all cases we have discussions with our clients so that they are aware of what will happen at each step of the way.

We will act in your best interests

Our staff will respond to your enquiries and resolve any problems as soon as we can and let you know how your claim is progressing. We will provide transparency to our process so that you can trust we are acting in your best interests.